Our customer references

The satisfaction of our customers is the best reference. We are passionate about quality without compromise. Finkbeiner lifts set the standard for product innovations within the industry.

Mobile hoists in hot galvanized version in a washing hall

We decided in favour of Finkbeiner because we have had very good experiences with you so far. For our washing hall we require a hot galvanized mobile column lift. Finkbeiner quoted a good and safe solution with height adjustable wheels especially for our wash rack with a floor slope of 3 % towards the water drain.

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Mobile columns with a pump truck at our customer Bonneux Machinery in Belgium

Since we wanted to get rid of the dangers of a lubrication pit, we started looking for another system to work under our concrete pumps. We found a solution in the Finkbeiner columns. We haven't complained for a second: It's much more pleasant than the lubrication pit.  The visibility is much better, because there is much…

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Our decision for choosing a Finkbeiner lift was not only taken because we set high standards for ourselves but also for our equipment.
(translation from the original)

"Wir haben uns für die Finkbeiner Hebebühne entschieden, weil wir nicht nur an uns, sondern auch an unsere Ausstattung höchste Ansprüche haben."

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Hydraulic lift EHB906V11DC-FEX for mobile homes and campers

The Finkbeiner mobile lifts are the perfect solution for our busy workshop. These mobile columns are one of the best investments I have made for our company for the last 20 years.
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"Die Hebeanlage funktioniert perfekt und wird auch sehr häufig genutzt. Ich kann Ihnen nur bestätigen, dass…

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