Finkbeiner lifts FHB, TPL, EHB, HDS and EHB-K
Finkbeiner lifts made in the Black Forest
Mobile 2-post lifts, mobile columns or platform lifts for any type of commercial vehicles
Lift FHB and Mercedes Sprinter
Finkbeiner FHB mobile lift
Portable, movable lift for cars and vans
Lifting platform TPL with camper
Finkbeiner TPL stationary lifting platform
2-post lift for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles
Lifting columns EHB with truck
Finkbeiner EHB wireless mobile columns
For flexible use - not only inside the workshop
Finkbeiner semi-scissor lift HDS
Finkbeiner HDS semi-scissor platform lift
Available in different lengths and with various options
Mobile wheel grab EHB with train
Finkbeiner EHB-K wireless mobile columns for rail vehicles
Mobile columns for rail vehicles

Finkbeiner lifts, mobile columns and platforms for commercial vehicles

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Finkbeiner lifting technology

Finkbeiner lifting systems

The right lift for each type of vehicle

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