The Finkbeiner History

Progress for more than 90 years

Very early on Finkbeiner specialised lifting heavy loads. Back in the sixties we invented one of the most flexible systems in the World – our mobile columns. Today our product range includes a wide selection of different lifts. In addition, we are renowned for our customer specific tailor-made solutions.

Brand history

The brand over the course of time


1927 - Foundation of the Finkbeiner company

Foundation of the company "Finkbeiner" in Freudenstadt. Business activity: smith shop, manufacturing of trailers and car springs.

1954 - Change of name and new activities

New company name "Georg Finkbeiner & Sohn", Walter Finkbeiner entered as a new partner. Business activity: manufacturing of vehicles and brake service.

1961 - New building

New office and workshop building in Freudenstadt-Wittlensweiler, Alte Poststrasse 9.

1967 - Our first mobile columns

Invention and first production of pneumatic lifts, type UHB-hebeboy, patented.

1981 - Change of name

New company name "Walter Finkbeiner GmbH“. Business activity: Manufacturing of vehicle lifts and vehicles, brake service.

1983 - Invention hydraulic columns

Type EHB505/506, capacity 5 t / 6.5 t, with hydraulic drive and synchronous control. As the first manufacturer of hydraulic columns worldwide we look back on the longest experience on the market.

1986 - Mobile car lift

Development and first production of the mobile car lift, type FHB2500 with a capacity of 2500 kg, patented.

1991 - Further development mobile columns

Type EHB705 with direct-acting hydraulic drive. Extension of the product program with mobile columns for forklift trucks, containers and railway vehicles.

1994 - Further development car lift

Type FHB3000 with a capacity of 3 t, with constantly-growing range of accessories.

1996 - The third generation takes over

Gerhard Finkbeiner takes over the company.

2000 - Enlargement of the production area

Extension of the company building, doubling of the production area.

2002 - Market launch semi-scissor lift HDS

Development of the semi-scissor lift, model HDS. Capacity of up to 50 t, length of platforms up to 20 m. Unique - with lateral free access, patented.

2007 - Sales company in France

Foundation of Finkbeiner France EURL, subsidiary for sales in France, FR-10310 Bayel.

2008 - Investment in sustainable energy

Installation of a photovoltaic system with nominal power 84 kWp, corresponds to approx. 80,000 KWh / year, CO2 emission reduction of about 59 t / year.

2009 - Market launch EHB DC wireless

New lift generation, model EHB-DC wireless, with battery drive and radio control.

2010 - New showroom

Acquisition of neighboring ground, use as training center and showroom. Installation of an additional photovoltaic system, nominal power 56 kWp.

2011 - Extension of the product range

Market launch of a new mobile lift, model EHB1005DC with a capacity of 5.5 t per column.

2014 - Development & market launch first 2-post lift

Stationary 2-post lift, model TPL9000 with patented swivel arm concept, appropriate for cars, vans, light utility vehicles.

2014 - Enlargement of the production area

Acquisition of a neighboring hall with a surface of 1,600 m² for the extension of the production space.

2018 - Mobile lift for vans

Market launch of the mobile lift type FHB3500 with a capacity of 3.5 t, battery-powered.

2019 - New sales office in France

Foundation of a sales office of Finkbeiner France EURL in FR-68970 Guemar.

2021 - Sales company in Spain

Foundation of Finkbeiner Iberia SL in 46190 Ribarroja de Turia (Valencia), Spain.

Schwarzwald Silhoutte